Scrapbook of press clippings

Reading through my father’s press clippings, I get a sense of the excitement that Traditional Dixieland Jazz had. Doc had sold-out performances for a dozen years at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. His concerts were an EVENT!

Docs’ concert fans were even following him from the concerts to the nightclubs where he played. Today’s music is so eclectic, pop music so bland, that it doesn’t really thrill anymore.

Starting in the 1940s, the newspaper clippings cover my father’s concerts, appearances and his career. I will post more as soon as I am able to.

Late ’30s to early ’40s DOWNBEAT article on Mitch’s.
This is where Doc started to make a name for himself playing with Red Dougherty’s group.

1948 article from Chicago Journal
Story is about Doc leaving Jazz Ltd and Sidney Bechet replacing him.

1975 Denver Post article
Article is about how busy Doc is; conducting the Bloomington Symphony orchestra, running a musician’s union and playing dixieland jazz.