Jazz Links

Jazzology Records Home of the best Traditional Jazz records. Period.
Ewing NunnAn unsung hero of audio recording. Ewing made the original Audiophile recordings that captured the Doc Evans sound.
The American Rag–America’s Largest Traditional Jazz and Ragtime Newspaper.
Traditional Jazz Educators Network an organization of folks who are teaching traditional jazz to young people.
Traditional Jazz Mailing list Stay connected.
The Hogan Jazz Archive is the leading research center for the study of New Orleans jazz. A great resource.
Chicago Jazz ArchiveDocuments the birth of “Chicago style” jazz.
www.butchthompson.com What can I say? Butch is one of the best.
Mike Flaherty’s Dixieland Direct Jazz Band is an exciting and energetic Washington, D.C. based band, that specializes in traditional New Orleans Dixieland music.
The New Black Eagle Jazz Band have been a fixture on the international jazz scene since 1971, bringing the sounds of traditional New Orleans Jazz to audiences all over the world.
Southside Aces Based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, the Southside Aces are a true authentic New Orleans dance-hall style band.
The Barbary Coast Dixieland Band has been together since 1967. Elected to the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame in 2001 and rated among the finest entertainers in the Midwest, the band has played everywhere from the Mississippi paddle wheel boats and the Minnesota State Fair, to Nagasaki, Japan.
The Red Hot Jazz Archive The Red Hot Archive is a multimedia site to study and enjoy the music of early Jazzmen.
Emporium of JazzIn this final episode of “Classic Jazz MN,” Butch Thompson provides the inside story on the Emporium of Jazz in Mendota, Minnesota — just across the Mississippi from Saint Paul. From its 1966 opening until the doors closed in 1991, it was the home of the Hall Brothers New Orleans Jazz Band.
The Original Dixieland Jazz Band The essence of New Orleans jazz. This band introduced a new music to the world in 1917 and dominated the recording market for over six years… unheard of in any recorded music genre to date.
Tom Morgan’s Jazz RootsTom Morgan gives an overview: Jazz, The First Thirty Years.
MPR’s The Jazz Image For an eclectic journey through the world of jazz, Minnesota Public Radio had THE JAZZ IMAGE. Leigh Kamman was the host.
America’s Finest City Dixieland Jazz SocietyAmerica’s Finest City Dixieland Jazz Society (AFCDJS) has promoted Traditional Jazz, Dixieland and Swing throughout the San Diego area.